WebSite Construction

and Development Steps To A Top Notch Site



We will meet with the parties involved to see your vision and to determine the plan of action.


Development and Design

This is where your vision and our structure gel to form a website that will reflect your needs and vision for your business. We will offer several drafts before the final is completed.


Proposal and Agreement Terms

We bring a proposal back to you with what we took out of our intital meeting and provide the costs and time frame. Once this is agreed upon, the actual design will proceed.


The Final Steps

Once all parties are in agreement with the end product. The final payment is expected and we turn over your completed web site. You are responible for domain and web hosting.


Why Choose Us ?

We have a wide range of solutions and services

Scott Web Media Services is Cape Breton owned and operated.

We will work on your project until all your needs are met.

  • We Are A Creative Team
  • Honest and Dependable
  • Quality Commitment
  • We Are Always Improving

Who We Are ?

A group of talented team members.

We are expanding into the indoor Digital Signage business.

We are planning on a September launch of a group of screens in local arenas and community centers. We have a salesperson that will be handling the placing of screens with hosts and selling the screen ads.

We will focus on providing the static and TV commercial style mini videos.